FFC Phased Reopening Plan and Protocols


The following plan was developed by the FFC Leadership Council in accordance with CDC guidelines and regulations from the State of Michigan. The steps listed in each phase of the plan is intended for preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19.  Freedom Fellowship Church does not claim liability for potential exposure or outbreak.
All attendees are asked to self-quarantine when necessary.

Phase 1

  • Prior to the first gathering, the church will…
    • Undergo a deep clean by a professional company to service pews, flooring (carpet, wood and tile)
    • Purchase additional disinfectant, PPE (gloves, masks, etc.), hand sanitizer and other products to be used before, during and after each gathering
    • Post information for attendees to review online and on the premises, detailing the precautionary measures to decrease risk of exposure to a COVID spread (see addendum below)
    • Clearly mark path directions (entry/exit, aisles/hallways) and pew designations in the sanctuary
    • Limit upper level restrooms to one person at a time. Lower levels will be opened for one person or two persons (adult + child) at a time. 
    • Open windows for the duration of activities in the church, weather permitting
  • Additional video equipment will be installed to continue the FFC online platform with YouTube through Facebook live


  • Congregants who are considered at-risk (per CDC guidelines) due to health conditions will be encouraged to remain home utilizing the FFC online platform


  • All classrooms will be closed with the exception of the conference room for use by the Trustees. All meetings should be conducted through online platforms such as Zoom or by phone.


  • An informational video will be posted and distributed for membership and guest use in preparation of attending service gatherings. A reference card will also be made available as a part of the worship bulletin.


  • All materials for distribution (bulletins, envelopes, prayer lists, protocol reference card, communion elements, etc.) will be available in the vestibule area for individual pick up upon entering the sanctuary.
  • Sunday Morning Service will be the only gathering held with a condensed service schedule and flow…
    • The church will open at 11am after a preliminary walk through to sterilize areas and surfaces. Early arrival will be limited to those serving on a rotation to set up for service.
    • A screening protocol will be in place prior to attendees entering the church facilities. A temperature reading and screening checklist will be utilized
    • All attendees will be asked to wear a mask while inside the building and throughout the duration of service
    • Attendees will be asked to sit as indicated per pew – (by household/family or individual)
    • Band area will be reconfigured with shields to protect musicians
    • Pulpit area will be restricted to pastor and musicians
    • Praise Team and Choirs will be suspended until noted in the later phases
    • Praise and Worship will be comprised of two songs in a congregational singing format with scripture and prayer led by pastor
    • Offering will be placed in a box by individuals instead of passing the baskets for contact-free giving. Use of the new church app and online giving platform will be encouraged for contact-free giving during service.
    • Communion elements will be available for pickup on the greeter’s table in the vestibule prior to service.
    • Service will commence at 11:30am and conclude at 12:30pm
    • Attendees will be asked to vacate the building at the conclusion of service and continue fellowship in the green space or parking lot
    • Facilities will be sanitized with disinfectant prior to the closure of the building after each service
    • Church will receive additional deep cleaning by a professional company as determined by CDC guidelines
    • FFC health professionals will be consulted regarding additional measures needed in the unforeseen event of a future outbreak


Phase 2

  • Continuation of practices from Phase 1 with the following additions/accommodations/modifications


  • Church will open an hour before start of service (10:30am)


  • Praise team will be limited to three singers on a rotating basis. Choirs will remain suspended until later phase


  • Microphone covers will be sterilized and assigned to singers for restricted use


  • Rehearsals will be limited to Sundays as arranged between singers and musicians


  • Social distance protocols will be established for the Fellowship Hall and multipurpose room


  • Sunday Morning Bible Study/Sunday School will take place in mass. Adults will meet in the sanctuary and children/youth in lower level (Fellowship Hall and multipurpose room)


  • Meetings will be limited to the fellowship hall as classrooms will remain closed. Online and by phone meetings will still be preferred.


Phase 3


  • Continuation of practices from Phase 1 & 2 with the following additions/accommodations/modifications


  • Classrooms will reopen with social distancing implemented


  • Sunday School/Bible Study will resume with an abbreviated schedule in designated classrooms


  • Sunday service will return to regular timeframe


  • Events will be held at the church in the green space using tents, tables and chairs, weather permitting or fellowship hall


  • Weddings and funerals will be permitted at the church in accordance with CDC guidelines and state regulations


  • The FFC Church Leadership Council will meet to prepare information for Phase 4


Phase 4 – TBD at a later date